Company profile

The company Spezial-Transformatoren-Stockach GmbH & Co. KG "STS" is a German medium-sized enterprise with a company tradition stretching back over more than 35 years. The company's head office and production site are at Stockach am Bodensee (lake of Constance).

Our success is based on the consistent expansion of our expertise, which we apply systematically in the market segments defined.

STS sees itself as a specialist in the development and manufacture of innovative products, focussing on engineering and optimisation. The company exclusively produces customised inductive components for the electronics industry. These are normally transformers and inductors in the medium frequency range which are subject to special requirements. The following physical ranges are covered:

  • up to 1.000.000 VA (1 MVA)
  • up to 10.000 A (10 kA)
  • up to 60.000 V (60 kV)
  • from 1.000 Hz to 1.000.000 Hz (1 kHz to 1 MHz)

STS concentrates on producing small series up to series with medium unit quantities (approx. 5,000 units/year).

The company's dominant technological orientation can be seen, among other things, in the fact that about 10% of the workforce are typically involved in the R&D domain.

STS has specialised in the following products in power electronics:

  • components with especially high power density
  • components for high voltage applications with special requirements regarding insulation
  • components with high efficiency
  • components for heavy current applications with optimum low leakage inductance
  • special designs with marked technical production know-how 

Since a few years STS is not involved in any product developments in 50 Hz technology anymore.

In the folowing fields, STS has a high level of competence and specialist knowledge:


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