STS develops and produces exclusively customised inductive components for the electronics industry. These are normally transformers and inductors in the medium frequency range with special requirements and for higher power ratings.
The following physical ranges are covered:

  • up to 1.000.000 VA (1 MVA)
  • up to 10.000 A (10 kA)
  • up to 60.000 V (60 kV)
  • from 1.000 Hz to 1.000.000 Hz (1 kHz to 1 MHz)

STS concentrates on producing small series up to series with medium unit quantities.

About 600 new product developments are created every year and sampled, each of these developments being based in turn on a large number of different calculation variants. To develop complex magnetic components, our engineers have access to an extensive, company-specific database system and modern analytical techniques, such as the finite element method.

Inductive components are often dimensioned pragmatically and according to empirical values. In addition, our analytical procedure makes it possible to fully optimize the existing potential when dimensioning inductive components.

The results are impressive: either the transmittable power is greater or the components are smaller, or they can withstand a greater thermal load. We achieve similar positive results when optimising existing inductors or transformers.

Product developments in 50 Hz technology have not a played a part for years.


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