MaxFlux - Utilise the core to its fullest


Magnetically biased inductors:

InDUR MAXFLUX - Utilise the core to its fullest!

STS stands for the development and production of innovative
customer-specifi c power inductors

In 2013, STS presented a new generation of power inductors
employing a highly effective cooling concept. The objective
was a further reduction in the inductors’ component volume in
the interest of system integration.

STS is now presenting InDUR MaxFlux – a new generation of
inductors for unipolar applications.

Further development in semiconductor technology is accompanied
by the trend towards higher frequencies and ripple currents.
The associated decrease in inductance also reduces the size.
The increasing AC demands on the core material practically restrict
the choice to ferrite. Its relatively low saturation fl ux density
of 440 mT (for high-performance ferrite materials at 100 °C) is a
limiting factor here.

The MaxFlux technology will nearly double the usable fl ux density.
This becomes noticeable by a smaller volume, lower weight
and reduced cost!

For further information about MAXFLUX, just download here our latest flyer.


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